Friday morning

Good morning all I had a bit of down day yesterday as I was feeling a bit under the weather I did a lot of sleeping and I must say I feel better for it this morning.  I must admit it is nice to be so self-indulgent for a change.  The boys concocted a wonderful supper but halving some mini peppers  and stuffing them with chorizo and cheese before flashing under the grill.

Shiona rang to say she was back from Scotland in one piece and while it was cold it was the east side that took the brunt of the weather.  She is going to come over on Wednesday next week which is sofa out and carpet shampoo day and now it will be form filling day also.  Nothing like getting it all done in one day.  

Henry and Angela are back from Spain and what do you think they brought me - yes, a box of good quality saffron which will be saved for a risotto Milanese where it can show off its lovely flavour.

Sandie also rang and she is short of a set of cutlery for the hoards at Christmas so I suggested she might like to take my silver [epns]  use it then take it the hospice for sale.  I am sick of cleaning it and have just bought some modern stainless steel to use on a daily basis. The new stuff is for eight place setting so that will do fine for us and fares better in the dishwasher.  I am gradually getting round to making life as easy a possible for us and cutting down on unnecessary work.  If I get away with the garage conversion and a new floor in the dining room that too will make a big difference.The plans are all there in my head it is just a case of getting Gary over to cast an expert eye over the project and talk me through the feasibility and give me a ballpark figure for the work as at the moment I have no idea what it will cost.

These are grand plans but I have a few more mundane things to do as well, my wardrobe looks like the council tip where I have just shoved things out or sight. While I am in the mood to have a grand clear out now is the time to tackle the minor jobs.  Rationalisation is the word of the day!!!

Have a good day all
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