Friday morning

Good morning all well it is 5 degrees and getting colder is it worth a flutter on a white Christmas.  I have very rarely put a bet on anything and wouldn't know how, so mine would have to be a hypothetical flutter.

Foolishly I was hoping to have got the lion's share of the paperwork done this week but so much is reliant on others doing their bit and everything takes so long via snail mail, that the pile is still there.  The boys and I had a bit of a discussion as to what we want to do for Christmas and the consensus is that we batten down the hatches and have a mid-winter feast.  We will still be without a sitting room so that does kind of cramps your style.  My friend Mary, who lost her husband around this time some years ago asked to spend Christmas with us as she couldn't face all the fuss.  I was happy to offer her the mid-winter feast experience.  I must admit I love to go for a walk with the dogs on boxing day and notice all the people who are out walking off the Christmas meals.  Everyone smells wonderful and there are new coats gloves and scarves in evidence, kids careering about on new bikes scooters etc.

I have also decided that Christmas cards are a waste of money I would far rather phone up my friends and wish them happiness in person. So, I am giving to charity instead and have started by giving £10 to the blanket appeal for the poor frozen kids in Syria. There are so many appeals at this time of the year that it is hard to choose. I usually make sure I give to the salvation army as they seem to do a lot of good as do the red cross.  

As yet I have no idea about the finances so I will have to tread carefully but I do have some major plans which I would like to carry out.  My garage is too small for a car so it would make an ideal utility room.  However, this would mean punching a hole through from the dining room this would make my life a lot easier as I have brave the outside to do laundry or go to the freezer.  It would be quite a significant building job  and would mean that the dining room would have to be recarpeted.  I will have to get my favourite builder to come and give me some advice on the feasibility of making such a change. Not to mention the cost.  He has recently finished a kitchen revamp for some neighbours and has done a magnificent job of it.  I know his work and trust him implicitly.  He does a lot of work in the road often putting right what others have messed up.

Yesterday, I had my nails done and did a Tesco run for stuff Aldi doesn't have and today I will do the Aldi run and restock some of the essentials. The venison mince had not defrosted so we had fish for lunch and the venison will be on today's menu.  We have agreed that I will make one proper meal per day and then it is down to each of us to fill in with food of our choice.  Sounds like a plan!!!

Have a great day all what are your plans or the festive season?

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