Friday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday I tackled the bank who were very helpful.  The minute the manager saw me standing with a death certificate in hand I was ushered into a private little office.  I explained that my printer had also died so they printed off six months of bank statements including all the standing orders and direct debits, so I could sit and study them at my leisure.  However, the one question that they couldn't answer was where did Mikes pension come from? It has taken my two days of googling and phoning from companies house to the pension tracker, not a soul knew a thing.  Then in desperation, I rang a very old friend of Mikes who we haven't seen in 20 years as luck would have it not only was he at the same address but was still alive and drawing his pension so at last, he gave me the details I needed.  Today, I have to post off to them my birth certificate [original] marriage certificate [original] the death certificate [original] and my national insurance number and bank details.  With all these precious documents in one envelope, I think it had better go recorded delivery. I believe I am entitled to some portion of his pension but I have no idea how much of it so we are going to be watching the pennies quite closely until the dust settles.  I think I might have inadvertently saved myself the expense of probate as there is nothing by way of money in Mikes name everything is either in my name or held jointly.  However, I will have to ring the land registry with regard to ownership of the property as it is now held jointly between James and myself. I also need to phone the council to get them to come and take away the decorative mattress from the front garden.  I am whittling away at the list of jobs and once we see how we stand financially I will be better able to judge how much or how little to do to the house but the mere thought of a revamp is very exciting.

Of all the times for my printer to choose to die this was not it so that is a top priority what I need most is a really good PA!!! anyway, the first job is to sort out the printer as there are just so many things that need photocopying and forms that need printing off. How on earth do people manage who don't have a computer it has become an absolute necessity.  

Fortunately, with all that is going on here I have no time to worry about America and the baffoon with his finger on the nuclear button.
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