Friday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday went well and I got a few more things done.  The celebrant lady advised me not to print my own order of service but email it to Staples, which I did and what a brilliant service. I had 25 copies which included a colour photo on double sided A4. They were ready for collection in half an hour and cost me £26 which I think is very reasonable.  Particularly as I bought a new set of inks at the same time and they cost me £60 so it makes economic sense too.  If ever you have to produce a flyer or some such I would strongly recommend Staples.  The solicitor finally got in contact with me apparently their answer machine was on the blink so they only got my last rather curt message.  I have organised to pick up the will the day after the funeral so I can then start filling in all the forms for probate etc.  I know I seem to be rushing but there is a hell of a lot to do and not that much time to get it done.  I also want to get this all behind me so I can start the healing process and pick up the pieces of my life which have been on hold for years. For the first time, I can go out and not worry about what will happen while I am gone. We are all much more relaxed as we have been walking on egg shells for ages.  

You mention my very good friends and I hope you count yourselves among them.  You have let me air my problems and rant and rave ad nauseam.  You have always given me sound advice which I do appreciate.  

The washing machine ran all day yesterday so I now have a mountain of ironing but that can wait today I am having my nails done and am going to hit M&S for an appropriate skirt.  It was always a standing joke at work the only time I wore skirts was if I was interviewing.  They all laughed as they knew it was interview day if Diane had her legs on.

Thank goodness for Sandy's fish pie which I ate all day and finally finished off the last portion at 1am as I was sleepless and hungry. Is there anything more comforting than sitting in your warm bed eating the ultimate comfort food in the wee small hours while watching absolute garbage on the TV. I think it breaks all the rules but is a declaration of freedom.  It is always the little things that really count. All my friends have been stunned that you sent me some beautiful flowers [they think I am mad writing the blog each day] but I like the feeling that you are out there and it allows me to whinge and whine and make a tentative plan for the day ahead while I guzzle my mug of hot coffee.

Have a good one it is cold but clear here today.

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