Wednesday morning

Good morning all chilly this morning down to single figures.  Shiona came yesterday to collect the fireworks I had bought for her in Aldi and between us, we managed to cobble together an adequate lunch which was a lesson in how to stretch one chicken breast to feed 5 people.  Shiona made pancakes while I made the filling of chicken, onion, garlic, sour cream and courgettes.  The thermomix made a nice cheese sauce which we tipped over the pancakes and then set under the grill we accompanied it with a big green salad and that was lunch.  The washing up fell to the boys and we had successfully used just about every piece of equipment in the kitchen. Some women do not work well with others in their kitchen but given that Shiona and I had shared an office at one time and we are both team players it is rather nice to work together in the kitchen.  We have both worked in operating theatres so we are used to being totally in the hands of an assistant.

Today the wonderful Denny is due and the house could use a bit of a spruce up.  I gutted Mikes room before he returned and made sure it was clean and presentable but the rest of the house is a bit chaotic and in need of a good hoover.  I have items on the line but they keep drying then getting soaked again hopefully I will get them in when they are dry today and not wait until we get a shower.  The garden is a big mess and needs some serious work so I am hoping to get the gardeners back to give it a birthday before winter really sets in.  The plants in the front garden have almost occluded the front door and you have to fight the bay trees to get to the washing machine so much chopping down is required.  It is also bin day and I need to get the recycling out as that is the second lorry to come.  Landfill rubbish is collected some time later and the first lorry collects garden waste.  We are really lucky to still have a weekly collection of the three types of rubbish.

Well, Mike has pottered out and is asking for coffee so I had better go and get him sorted out before I start my day.  Denny will be here in an hour so I had better press on have a great day all until tomorrow.
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