Wednesday morning

Sorry about yesterday but I do have a valid excuse.  On Monday we successfully got hacked in a major way and spent the whole day trying to secure the computer and making sure the bank accounts were safe.  All very distressing and a considerable nuisance, hours spent on the phone to various bods and the cyber fraud squad.  Anyway, when eventually I got to bed my brain was in a complete jumble and I fell into deep sleep so much so that I was due to leave for Shiona's at 9am and at 8.30 I was still unconscious.  Fortunately, James poked me and brought me a coffee but I had no time to spare and dashed off forgetting one of the things I said I would take her so I had to turn around and come home and collect said item.  Finally, I was underway only to hit a traffic jam and it took me well over an hour to get through Maidstone.  I had taken the dogs with me and they were fairly fed up by the time we finally arrived.  Anyway, they were delighted to find they were at the big garden and had a great time fooling around.  Shiona did me a nice lunch and we chatted through her Sicilian holiday and looked at hundreds of photos.

I got home at about 5pm and the boys had supper all sorted out so I decided to have a nap as I was feeling shattered.  When I woke I thought my clock was busted it just read loads of zeros then I realised it was midnight.  I tried to go back to sleep but failed so I got up and at 2.30 I ate my supper which had been left on a plate for me, with a full stomach I soon dozed off again.  I think you can understand that the blog was the last thing on my mind as total chaos was the order of the day.

I hope everything is secure now but I am without my credit card which has been cancelled for safety reasons and I am hoping the new one arrives before I leave for France.  Today the wonderful Denny is due and I really need to go and buy some coffee as we are all but out and that really would be a disaster.  I have not given details of the hacking incident as I would have to write a novel to explain the details.  The only saving grace was we noticed immediately what had happened and acted instantly which was the right thing to do.  I must say that Virgin, who are my service provider, were very helpful and the technical guys took over my computer and thoroughly cleaned it of all malware etc.  

Well that's about it for this morning let's hope we have a less traumatic day today.

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