Tuesday morning

Good morning all, I have just slept like the dead and the boys just left me to sleep.  Mike had a good night as I finally managed to get him some Oro morph.  That was a real song and dance the GP come to see Mike and agreed it was time for some morphine but it took me 7 hours to finally get the prescription filled.  Total cock up at the doctor's surgery, so numerous phone calls and finally they tracked down the prescription and the pharmacy filled it.  Fortunately, we had it ready for the night which was great.   I think we all had a good nights sleep so recharged batteries all round.  I woke at four as usual but soon drifted back off to sleep as the house was silent and my blackout curtains stopped the light waking me.  It was the phone that finally woke me and it was the nurses from the hospice who would like to come and see Mike on Thursday morning.  He is a little more chirpy this morning following a very good night.  I have made him some breakfast now I had better do some for myself.  

As yet I have no real plans for the day it is just a case of keeping the ship afloat the fridge is full so we will no doubt find something for lunch and may treat ourselves to a takeaway for supper.  One thing the Medway towns are not short of is takeaways.  When we moved here there was a butcher and a greengrocer but they are all takeaways now. I must say they do come in handy when things are fraught.  Not good for your health or wallet but useful none the less.

Dan and Tubby have just come back from a walk and a swim and Dan managed to get his coat filled with burrs.  Fortunately, I have a de-matting comb which gets the burrs out very nicely.

As I am so late I had better stop writing and get on with something more productive and remember to eat breakfast - poached egg on toast sounds appealing.  Until tomorrow have a good day all.
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