Tuesday morning

Good morning all sorry about the interruption in service yesterday but it was not my fault all our virgin services were lost for 24 hours.  No telephone no TV and no internet, I think they must have had a major meltdown as I have never suffered such an outage. Anyway, things are back up and running and if I am not mistaken a bit better than of late when things have been a bit wobbly.  

Mike was delivered home to me at about 10am on Sunday and then two nurses arrived some hour later to make sure I had all that I might need by way of equipment.  Equipment is not the issue carpet and incontinence is the issue but the carpet is now a right off so no point in crying over spilled milk. It is just difficult to clean up.  He is eating very little and is very cross with me for no being around. Yesterday his youngest brother came to see him.  He has just retired and so took the opportunity to drive up from Reading outside rush hour.  It was really nice to see him and I did us a nice roast chicken lunch simple and easy to organise.  For supper, I had made a roast butternut squash soup and with it we had doorsteps of bread and butter.  It was a big bird so I still have a breast left which is not going to feed five for lunch today so I will need to get my thinking cap on.  Shiona is popping over to collect her fireworks and some euros as she is going to France on Wednesday to buy the booze for a party with the amateur dramatics club.

Just to make my life complete, I have a massive cold sore on my lip.  You know what it is like, the minute you take your foot off the pedal the body protests that it has been neglected.  Fortunately,  it stayed away until I got home.  However, it is a big signal to me to start taking better care of myself as I only ever get cold sores when I am really run down.

As part of my course on happiness and fulfillment, I was asked to write a gratitude letter to someone I feel has helped me.  It was difficult to choose who to send it to as so many have helped me so I sent it to several of my good friends who have been with me through thick and thin.  I felt a complete prat writing the letter however once sent I felt much relieved and of course, I got some lovely responses which I will treasure.  It is an exercise that one should do more often as it really leaves you feeling rather good.

Tempus fugit so I must leave you now and get myself organised until tomorrow dear friends
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