Thursday morning

Good morning all just an update it has been a long night I have been up for most of it checking on Mike who is now febrile and fading fast.  I have alerted his brothers and I think David is going to come and see him today and the hospice nurse is due at 10am and David is due around 11am, however, I have made it clear that the catering department is closed and there are plenty of pubs for lunch.  I really don't need to be catering for visitors I have quite enough to do without that.  

Yesterday I organised some lovely mackerel fillets from the fish monger which I cooked simply with some gremolata [garlic parsley and lemon zest].  I served it with a shredded fennel salad which was ideal. Quick easy and very tasty.  The boys fed themselves for supper and James went and got me a small chow mein.  Which kept me going through the night, in fact, I still feel full now.  I would like to give Mike a wash and brush up but he is asleep and I will not wake him. There is no point in pulling him around when he is happily sleeping and oblivious to his condition.  He has decided that the oramorph is cough mixture and I have not disillusioned him.

guess who has been swimming?

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