Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was fairly busy as Dennie was here trying to restore a semblance of order and cleanliness.  Once she had finished with the kitchen I hid in there and made a ratatouille as I had all the ingredients.  Not difficult but time-consuming.  It turned out very well and we had it with some sausages for lunch.  Supper was easy as it was just a big bowl of the chicken broth I had made with the carcass of the bird with some pasta that looks like rice and a healthy amount of parmesan on the top.  

I am not sure what I shall be doing today but I am racing to use up vegetables which are on the blink I have a bag of real spinach which is in need of using so I will use that as my starting place for lunch perhaps eggs florentine might be a good solution.  Anyway, I have to go out today and restock as we are low on meat and fish and a wash with vegetables.  

There is some good news our new neighbours are now the proud parents of a new daughter.  I would love to pop round and see them but with this cold sore on my lip, I think I had better stay away new babies don't need exposing to infection.  However, I think I will buy mum a bunch of flowers just to recognise her efforts. This is their third child so I expect they have plenty of baby clothes and mum deserves something for her.

I have to go to the pharmacy and pick up my prescription and I will pop into the doctors surgery as Mikes discharge information the hospital sent is directed to the wrong GP.  I rang them to let them know but apparently they cannot pass the letter on it has to go back to the hospital so I will take my copy and they can take a photocopy, which should short-circuit the process.  If I wait for the letter to do the round trip there is every likely hood we will all have passed on before they get their act together.  Every time I have dealings with the hospital I have had to pick them up on their mistakes most of which are trivial but the fact that they are making so many errors is terrifying.

Well that is the plan for the day so now it is time to put it into action - have a good day all.
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