Sunday morning

Good morning all, Yesterday I paced up and down like a caged tiger unable to do anything my mind was racing with all that will need doing but as yet nothing can move forward until we have a death certificate, very frustrating.

Thank you, Joy, these are the flowers you sent they are really lovely and in a nice little basket, the quality of the photo doesn't do them justice.

Friends rang me throughout the day to commiserate and many of them have been through the process so they understand my frustration at not being able to get the certificate so I can start the process. Even my estranged sister rang me, she lives in Italy but I have no idea of her surname so she has been impossible to find.  As youngsters, we fought like cat and dog as we are very different in character. However, lots of water has passed under the bridge since then and we may both have mellowed out a bit, especially as we are now both widowed.

Today, is going to be another long drag I am itching to get into the room and start clearing it out but I promised I would stay out until Shiona can get here to give me a hand.  Anyway, I am hopeful that Monday will see things start to move. In the meantime, I will wear out the carpet pacing up and down.  Interestingly I am sleeping a lot which is no bad thing it is the first time I have truly been able to relax in years.

Have a good Sunday ........
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