Sunday morning

Good morning all.  It is Sunday yet again but for us, it is a working day as Denzil is out at work and we tend to have our major meals when he is off.  Yesterday was successful in that the Bibo water machine is now fully functional and not leaking so the cleaning process did the job. I decided it was time to change from a quilt to a duvet on my bed as winter is coming and I put the quilt through the washing machine [it is single so it fits] out it went on to the line to get a good blow and I just managed to get it in before the rain started.  Now it is destined for a vacuum bag until next spring/summer.  Soon I will have to do the same with my summer clothes but not quite yet.  I put a pedometer app on my phone which should make sure I move a bit more apparently the mear fact that your steps are being counted makes you walk more.  I did my penance and walked to the end of the garden which was a bit of downer as it does look dreadful.  However, it provoked me to write to the gardening company and ask for some help to shut the garden down for the winter.  I ate breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and today I am going to have a couple of rashers of bacon and a tomato. There is definitely something to be said for small steps that you can achieve and once they become a habit you can push on.  I am sure that years of shift work mess with your mind and appetite I am quite happy to eat stew for breakfast and cereal for supper.

Photo of the sailing festival in Trieste which I still consider to be home

Though I only lived there for a short period of my childhood it is my spiritual home as that is where my grandparents lived.

Ok enough now time to eat breakfast!!!!
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