Sunday morning

Good morning all, it's raining, what a surprise I was going to do all my laundry today.  I guess the tumble drier will be put to good use.

I went into the hospital and had a chat with the staff who are going to discharge Mike today as he is physically fit. He is eating well and making his way to the toilet without any trouble, in fact, he is being a model patient because he wants to come home.  No problems with continence and eating his vegetables and drinking fine.  It is my opinion that his problems on Sunday last were due to panic as he knew I would be away.

Now to some pics of my time in France

 Main view of the centre of Bordeaux 

 Lovely old bridge across the river

 Massive sand dune 


 This was my personal accommodation

please note my own fridge and all the coffee and tea making equipment

 I had my own private bathroom

This is a beautiful bush the name of which I am going to research as I think it might be hardy.

Well as they are discharging Mike today I had better go and sort out his room which is still in the chaos it was left in when he was admitted.  James organised all the meals yesterday so I didn't have to think about it.  Shiona has tasked me with getting her some fireworks from Aldi as she is going to have a bonfire party.  So I will dash out and try to be there when the open as these things go very fast. 

Well that's about it for today have a good day all......

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