Sunday morning

Good morning all. Yesterday was a day of mishaps first of all my land line went down and I spent some time with Virgin on the phone [mobile] and they are going to send an engineer out on Monday between 4pm and 7pm so James should be back from dropping me at the airport to deal with that. Then my outgoing email decided it was not going to send anything incoming was not a problem but no outgoing so that will be my task for this morning to try to put that right before I leave tomorrow.

Mike is cutting up rough as he knows I am going and would rather I didn't.  However, I am going to stand firm and not fall for all the histrionics.  He is being left with two competent adults who will feed and water him as necessary.  At the moment he is refusing to eat so the dogs are doing well. Last night he wanted toast and marmalade so I made him a couple of slices which he gave to the dogs.  I think today is going to be a battle but I am going to hit the shops at 10am and fill the fridge with easy eating stuff.  Today is Denzil's long working day so he is out for both lunch and supper.  It was decided that the chicken was better off in the freezer so that is where it has stayed.  Which leaves me with a quandary for lunch, I think I might go for something simple like mushroom omelets.  I also need to get the chorizo stew in the freezer for a later date.  

I got a really helpful email from the friends I am staying with suggesting suitable attire which should save me taking lots of clothes on a round trip.  I always pack as if I am going to outer Mongolia and have to remind myself that the French do have shops.  I am flying into Bordeaux which is a city I have passed by on my way to Spain but have never actually seen.  I seem to remember acres of pine forests but not much else so it will be nice to have a look around.  When you are driving you see little of the countryside as your attention is on the road especially if you are towing a caravan.  

I'm not sure if I will have time to write tomorrow as I will be in a flat out spin packing and making sure I have nothing in my handbag that might upset the security at the airport.  I once had a tiny pair of scissors from a Christmas cracker taken off me, they were in a tiny sewing set in case you lose a button or something.  It still makes me laugh what did they think I was going to do - highjack a plane with plastic scissors.  

Anyway, time to get going and try and sort out the email problems, then off to the shops but first another cup of coffee.
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