Well here we are in October it seems only yesterday we were anxiously waiting for summer to come.  Sod's law is still operational in this house my new hedge trimmer arrived yesterday so I immediately got the batteries on to charge and made plans where to start today.  All has been put on hold as it rained quite heavily last night and all the bushes are heavy with rain so not a good time to cut them, much better done when the leaves are dry and the bushes are in their correct shape not leaning down under the weight of water.  So I guess hedge trimming is off for today.  I sometimes think planning is the problem if you don't plan you are not disappointed.  Anyway, one thing is for certain the bushes are not going anywhere and will be available for cutting as soon as they dry off so it is just a delay but I wanted to play with my new toy. 

As it is the first of the month I have several monthly chores to do first the meters need reading and the knives need sharpening and the dog needs his ears sorted.  Because he has big floppy ears they are prone to problems but I have religiously put some thornit powder in his ears once a month just as I did with Basso and touch wood we have had no problems.  Tubby likes to join in the ritual as good behavior results is a treat.  So he just gets the teaspoon in his ear without the powder so he too can have a treat.

Shiona is back from Sicily having had a very good time and eaten herself stupid.  She found her smattering of Italian very useful and discovered that she could understand much more than she could speak.  However, in my experience, the Italians are just so happy that you are trying that no amount of grammatical mash-up puts them off.  I used to write to my grandparents in my pigeon Italian and it was not until I was grown up the someone told me the word for year is anno with two n's not one which means anus, so I will leave to your imagination the letters I wrote which had everyone in hysterics.

Lunch today are some lamb cutlets which I am going to pan fry in some chipotle butter I have no idea if it will work but I guess we will find out. Lamb is a strong flavour so it should stand up well and if I do some nice veg to go with it, it will have to do.

The weather doesn't look like it is going to dry anytime soon there is not a breath of wind and the skies are still heavy with rain so I think outdoor work is to be written off for today.

Well, that's it for today time for more coffee and go and put on something a bit warmer as I am quietly freezing to death.

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