Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  We have hit a bit of a log jam as I still haven't managed to get the death certificate from the GP which is holding everything up.  They were supposed to ring me when it was ready for collection but the call never came.  Of course, now it is the weekend and they all turn into pumpkins so we are in limbo land.  I have been making lists of things I need to do but most rely on the death certificate being available.  I am a strike while the iron is hot sort of person so this is a refined form of torture for me.  

Yesterday afternoon I felt really tired and went to bed and slept like I haven't slept for years out cold and completely relaxed.  I think it is going to take a little while for me to realise I now have my freedom back.  The boys are adults so they can look after themselves and I can come and go as I choose. It is going to be a big readjustment.  Denny and Shiona are coming on Wednesday to clear out the front room and I will need to ring the council to get them to come and take away the suite and the bed.  I flung the windows open yesterday to get some air through the room.  Sadly the carpet is destroyed and needs to go.  I think it is important to get the room completely redecorated as it is full of unpleasant memories.  One thing I have decided is that I am going to have a sofa bed so that I can once again have friends to stay.  Denzil has taken a few days off work so he is here to help not that there is much we can do at the moment.

Well that about it for now I don't suppose anything significant will happen until Monday in the mean time we will just potter around. The Oxygen equipment has been removed so I can now replace the knobs on the gas fire.  On Monday the other stuff is due for collection.  My big pot of chorizo and potato stew is keeping us fed thank goodness for freezers.  Have a good weekend......
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