Saturday morning

Good morning all. Here I am back in the UK after my retreat in France.  I have had four days when my brain was switched off and others did everything for me. The only decision I had to make was which of my shirts to wear.  Not only have I had five-star accommodation but Michelin star food.  My hostess cooks really well and provided me with every possible delicacy available from foie gras to oysters.  I feel as if I have been away for a month.  James was at Gatwick to collect me despite the delay on the return leg and arriving at the wrong terminal at Gatwick.  When we arrived home Dan was so delighted to see me he almost knock me flat on the floor with his effusive greeting and I was left in no doubt that he was pleased to see me home.

Just to fill you in on where we are with Mike as expected he threw a major wobbly on Sunday before I was due to leave on Monday and flatly refused to either eat or drink so I was left with no alternative but to call an ambulance.  The paramedics came first and agreed he warranted a hospital admission so they actually called for an ambulance.  Although this caused a bit of chaos it was probably the best solution as I was worried about leaving him with only the boys to care for him. Once he was admitted I was relieved as I knew he was in the best place and if he refused to drink they would soon put up a drip to rehydrate him.  Today I will have to go to the hospital and find out exactly what is going on.

I can highly recommend Bordeaux it is a truly beautiful city.  The architecture reminded me of Versailles, not a skyscraper to be seen anywhere anything new has been tastefully added so as not to spoil the overall feel of the city.  I have some photos but as yet I haven't even unpacked my suitcase James made me a cup of tea and disappeared to bed as I was poleaxed tired as I am sure I walked five miles through Gatwick making my way through snake queues and various corrals. The security is very thorough but a pain in the neck but as James reminded me I should appreciate the fact that the plane was not going to be blown out of the air by a bomb. Of course, he is right but when you are tired, frustrated and anxious it all seems so over the top.

In the four days, I have been gone I have completely lost track of my own establishment but I feel strong enough now to pick up the pieces and go again. All those who encouraged me to go were right I did need a break to recharge my batteries and let my mind rest.  When you are in the thick of chaos it is difficult to see the wood for the trees.  In my absence, the land line has been fixed the fridge is full so I can cobble together something for lunch with little effort.  Dan is not letting out of his sight for fear I might disappear again and he keeps trying to climb into my lap and kiss me to death so if I have made mistakes in the saga it his fault.

When I have had time to get my act together I will fill you in with some photos and a few more details but now I need more coffee a shower and to unpack my case and start picking up the pieces of my life and sort out what is happening to Mike.  The sun is shining the sky is clear so it looks like we are in for a nice day.

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