Monday morning

Good morning all, the clocks have gone back an hour but that was just an extra hour tossing and turning.  I guess I slept badly anticipating all the arranging I now have to do.  It feels a bit like waiting for a dam to burst.  Being Monday morning my chances of getting through to the doctors is very limited so I may have to just go and stand in the surgery until they do their part of the job so I can get on with mine.  Needless to say, I have been planning and researching for most of the weekend.  There are a few obstacles which will have to be sorted - I really didn't want a bun fight afterward but with people traveling some distance I feel I should do something.  The house is an impossibility as it is in total chaos and I don't have a sitting room which will mean laying on some sort of tea at a local hotel.  How many for? who knows.  I also have no room to put anyone up overnight so hotels are the only answer.  There is a hotel quite near the crematorium so they will be my first port of call.  However, it kind of matters what time yet another question I cannot answer.

I am scribbling all this down a] to remind myself and b] it might just come in handy for someone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.  I have been advised to get at least 10 copies of the death certificate from the registrar as just about everyone will want a copy and though they are supposed to return them they seldom do.

I spent some time making a CD of the music but I dare not play it to see if it is OK as I know it will just destroy me.  Perhaps that is a little job Shiona can do for me.  

Today the people are due to come and collect zimmer frames etc but I have not been given a time but if I am down at the doctors the boys can sort that our for me.

Well that is my day planned out and I suppose we will also have to eat but I think we might just graze in the fridge.

We have fog here today but as the sun rises so it is dissipating.

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