Monday morning

Good morning all it is still pitch dark outside so I guess winter is not far away.  Mike is going down hill and didn't even get out of bed yesterday he is eating enough to keep a shrew alive and also not drinking so I wonder if now is the time for some palliative care.  Mentally he is ok and has given up fighting us.  I think he may have realised that we have been trying to help him and I think he is also now aware that he is not going to improve significantly.  He has voiced, to me, several times that he would like to end it all but doesn't have the courage and he has signed a DNR [do not ressusitate] while in hospital.  Difficult times but now my nursing skills will come into their own.  Sorry to start the week off with such depressing news but I am not first nor will I be the last to go through this and I value your support.

I am trying to keep myself healthy and strong and to that end, I am reading and applying the advice in Tom Rath's book "Eat Move Sleep".  It is crazy but having a pedometer makes you move more the mear fact that your steps are being counted makes you aware of how much sitting down you do. Much of what he recommends is common sense but it never hurts to remind yourself of the basic principle for a healthy life. Now is not the time for me to falter.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the Barcolana in Trieste it is quite a sight to see 2,000 sailing ships/yachts making their way around the bay. The photos are by another blogger who permission I have had to share with you.

Well, the sun is coming up and I need to have my breakfast today will be mushrooms on wholemeal toast.  Then lunch will be either sausages or a bolognese whichever the boys fancy and the other will be supper.  I have plenty of veg to accompany the meat so it is just a case of choosing. A big salad with the bolognese and perhaps mash and cabbage with the sausages. anyway onward and upward have a good day all.
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