Good morning all no I have not just got up. I have been sat here watching a progress bar as the computer updated itself which took forever.  Yesterday was a relatively peaceful day I roasted off the piece of pork loin and there is still enough for lunch today.  As we had had a reasonable lunch supper was just some spaghetti with a really good pesto.  When I went to make the chorizo stew I discover that while I had all the other ingredients I was short of one chorizo.  I now have that so I am ready at last to make the stew.  What a lot of faffing around.  I think I am getting less and less efficient as everything takes me so much longer to accomplish.  

My mind is also on the trip to Bordeaux and what to take by way of clothes - the ball gown and tiara can safely be left at home.  I think an assortment of trousers and shirts and the odd cardigan should do.  From what I have seen of the weather it is a bit warmer than here but not hot which suits me fine.
I will, of course, take a mac in case of rain after all I am British. I am a lousy packer and always pack too much and bring most of it home unused.  

Well that is the plan for today having spent so much time watching progress bars now it is time I got underway and stopped messing about.

Have a good day all

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