Friday morning

Good morning all - as most of you know yesterday was a bit traumatic and the worst part was waiting to get the undertakers in which didn't occur until lunch time.  Of course, I had a plethora of phone calls to make to alert family members and then my friends.   Angela sent me a beautiful pose of flowers in my favourite colour.

Sandie, who had hurt her back also dragged herself for a visit and Elaine dragged herself to me also despite being half dead from her flight back from Prague.  Thank you all for your condolences.  Mike could not have gone more peacefully than in his sleep.  Now, of course, I am faced with the horrendous paperwork however the undertaker has left me a big to do list so I will be working my way through that.  First I need to get the death certificate from the GP so that I can then make an appointment with the registrar to register the death and once that has been done we can then look at funeral arrangements.  This will be the worst bit as I don't really believe in funerals so it will be as simple as I can make it.

I have been banished from the front room and my friends are going to come next week and gut the room for me.  The oxygen is being removed today and Monday will see the going of all the zimmer frames etc.  It is my intention to completely redecorate the front room which has spent most of its life as a bedroom.  The flooring is destroyed so I will be looking for something in the laminate floor style.  If I go for a sofa bed then I will, at last, be able to have friends to stay once more.

With my mind buzzing the boys put me to bed and I don't know what they gave me but I was out for the count in minutes and slept right through the night.  Funnily enough, I was not in the mood for food but I did manage to motor through tons of sugar ladened rubbish until I felt quite sick.  My body just craved sugar.

Today is going to be busy but most of it is phone calls and once I have got rid of all the paraphernalia we will be better able to see what needs doing in the room. It needs a complete revamp as it is just full of bad memories.  I believe the council will remove big items by appointment so perhaps that would be the simplest way to get rid of the furniture.

I am still a bit incoherent so I think I will bo back to bed with a nice hot cup of coffee and wait until I am fully compos metis before I start the day.
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