Friday morning

Good morning all I seem to have been charging about all week catching up on jobs that I should have done before I left anyway, I think I am back to where I was before my little break. One thing I have noticed is that I am sleeping much better and also for longer which can only be a good thing.  There has been quite a change in Mikes demeanour he has gone from aggressive to pathetic which I find really hard to cope with I don't do pathetic and needy.  I can only assume that his brain is being addled by the quantity of medication he is on and the lack of oxygen.  Though he is lucid I do not recognise who he is anymore as his character has completely changed.  

Well, enough of that, I made a big pot of leek and potato soup yesterday which we had for supper and I used some of the piment d'espelette that I brought back from France to just sprinkle on the top which made a significant difference.  It is a very gentle chilli type but nowhere near as fierce as most and just adds a mild hint.  Apparently it is available in Waitrose if you fancy a try.  My chef friend has sent me a host of recipes and it appears to be a sort of universal type of spice which goes with just about anything that needs a bit of livening up.  Today I have some cavolo nero which needs to be used and I also have an oxtail in the freezer so I am thinking of a stew of some kind.  With the pressure cooker I think I can get it ready for lunch time but if I fail then it will have to be supper.

I was in France when our surgery did their mass flu vaccinations so I am booked in for 11.30 today to get mine.  There is no way I want a dose of flu this winter, I have have had it twice in my life and that is enough.  However, if you have ever had real flu you will never again call a cold flu.

Yesterday, we managed to get the laundry up to date but as you know it doesn't last long, I'm sure the laundry basket fills itself when I am not looking.  My major concern now is the state of the garden which I need to get sorted out so I am going to contact the company who gave it the once over in the early summer.  I know I just don't have the energy or the will to do it myself.  

That about it for today, nothing very exciting.  Half an hour a go it was beautifully sunny but now it has clouded over and has become very dull and I think we are due for some rain. 
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