Wenesday morning

Good morning all.  I promised to tell you about our meal yesterday.  The drive over to Tenterden is about an hour across country and James drove us both ways as Denzil drives all day every day so we could admire the scenery.  Once there we got stuck into the menu.  James and I had the Vitello tonnato which was to die for and Denzil had the arancini For the second course James had crab ravioli [all the pasta is made on the premesis] Denzil had the lasagne and I had the calves liver which had just been frightened in a pan with loads of butter and sage and just melted in the mouth. None of us had room for desserts so we just headed back to home.  Supper was a case of if you can find it you can eat it.  I slept very well the temperature was just right for me with cold air blowing on my face but snuggled under layers of covers all toasty warm.  Denzil went off to work at the crack of dawn and James woke me with a cup of coffee once he had done all the chores including walking the dogs.  What good boys they are.

Now I am a bit bereft of ideas for lunch but as I have some spinach I might make some pasta with it and serve with a simple tomato sauce and lashings of parmesan.  I find we are eating less meat these days but with winter coming it will soon be time for soups and stews.  I can see the chorizo and potato stew cropping up at regular intervals as it is so nice and filling and easy to make.   I should think it would freeze well so it might be worth making a big pot and dividing it up for the freezer.

Well whatever I am going to do I had better get on with it as time is marching on and time and tide wait for no man......
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