Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  I had a bit of a grotty night last night and finally ended up sleeping in this morning.  Denny is here and at it already so I will have to be brief.  I had my spirometry test done yesterday and no surprises there it was pretty dreadful anyway I am off to see the doctor tomorrow morning at 8am.  We will have to see what he says however I am actually feeling rather well at the moment now that the pollen levels have dropped and the air is much fresher.  

Mike is chasing me for attention and I am gasping for a cup of coffee so I guess he wants one too.  He has been forbidden the new machine as it was him who broke the old one.  As yet I have no idea what is on the menu for today but I quite fancy a soup that I saw a recipe for which is largely milk and parmesan cheese with a bit of potato for thickening.  It is served with a big bunch of croutons or cretins as they are called in this house.  First I will have to check if I have all the ingredients so there is a chance it might not happen.  We may end up with beans on toast.

Anyway sorry to be so short I will try to do better tomorrow.
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