Wednesday morning

Good morning all yesterday was a bit of a washout one way and another.  James slept all day and is still asleep now so he must really have needed sleep after a period of sleeplessness.  Denzil and I took the dogs for a short walk but that was pretty horrid as it was hot and humid and even the dogs were fed up.  When we got home Tubby's limp returned and he thew himself flat on the tiled kitchen floor to try and cool down.  Dan was puffing like a steam engine and proceeded to drink gallons of water I don't think any of us can say we enjoyed it but it was necessary.  Hot sticky and tired I was in no mood to start doing the veal chops so we went for a simple lunch of cold meats and bits and bob with a salad and some stuffed peppers.  I was going to do the chops for supper but I got carried away with my course, which I have almost finished, then it was to late to start cooking and Denzil decided we should have a pizza which was fine by me.  The chops will be on todays menu, but today is going to be a busy one.  The district nurse came on Monday out of the blue wanting to give Mike a B12 injection only we didn't have any so it has had to be reordered and is supposed to be delivered but nothing has arrived yet.  I also have Denny coming to sort out the house and it is bin day so it is all hands to the pump this morning.

It looks pretty grim outside with not a single sign of the sun but it is still pretty sticky and hot at 19 degrees. We seem to be buried under a heavy duvet of cloud with not a breath of breeze to blow it away.  At last the quilt is dry and I have brought it inside now I will have to organise a trip to the launderette to get it washed.  My attempts have rendered it even more filthy than it was as it fell down several times into the mud.  I have no illusions that it is going to come out snowy white but even if comes out grey it will do to keep the bed clean despite Dans efforts.  He seems to think that if Tubby can sleep with James then he should sleep with Denzil.  They both avoid me as I have a single bed and there definitely is not room for a dog.

I ordered two plants from Tompson Morgan which were due at the end of September but they arrived yesterday so they will need to be unpacked and given a serious drink.  One is for me the other is for Shiona and I am sure as she is due to go on holiday at the end of the month that I will be baby sitting the plant until her return.  They are in big pots so they should be fine for some time until they can get planted out in their final positions.  It will be easier to keep them watered if I keep them in their pots until autumn when the weather is a bit kinder.

Well that is the order of play for today time to get the show on the road have a great day all and I hope you have better weather than we have.......
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