Good morning all there is just a glimmer of light outside and a sky full of cloud.  Yesterday we had a grand time with the dogs as the tide was up and it was a swimming day.  Denzil can throw the plastic dummies a lot further than I and Dan is like a motor boat on his way to fetch them.  We then walked back through the field to give both dogs a chance to dry off a bit before we put them into the car. Tubby has a very short coat which dries almost instantly but Dan is a different matter and takes quite a while before he is dry.

Today the boys and I are off for lunch I have a meal ready for Mike so all he needs to do is pop in the microwave.  He is being particularly difficult at the moment refusing to do anything for himself but I am sure he will manage to eat his lunch and if he chooses not to he will not starve in a matter of hours. To get to the restaurant we have to park in Tesco's car park so it is an ideal opportunity to do a bit of shopping as well.  I can't remember the last time I went out with both boys we usually leave one at home to babysit.  

Supper tonight could be interesting as having had a good lunch I don't suppose we will want much so it will be fish finger sandwiches or some other easy and quick meal.  No doubt we will find something in Tesco that fits the bill.  

Well, that's about it for today I will let you know how the meal turns out.  Have a good day I know I intend to.......

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