Tuesday morning

Good morning all, last night was a better night it was lovely and cool in my room as I have a door which opens onto the roof and it stands open all night.  We had been forecast rain in the night but it is as dry as a bone outside so I think we missed that.  If the weather were down to me I would ensure an hour or two of rain each night but follow it with lovely sunny days not too hot and not too cold and a heavy snow fall on christmas eve night so there would be a winter wonderland for the kids on christmas morning.  If you hear of the job becoming vacant let me know as I would like to apply!!!!!

As part of the positive psychology course there are guided meditations - these are of the loving kindness type so yesterday I gave it a go there are just 4 wishes for you to send out to those around you:- 
  1. may you feel safe
  2. may you feel happy
  3. may you feel healthy
  4. may you live with ease
Did anyone get a warm fuzzy glow?  I sent these wishes to all my readers many of whom read but never write.  One thing is for certain I felt good after the session.  I am going to try to keep this up as it can only be beneficial.  It is nice to let your mind go quiet instead of racing along the to do list.

Last night for supper I made what I expected to be a rather naff meal.  I made a big stir fry with kale and spinach, noodles, bean sprouts, onions, red peppers, garlic and ginger.  To my surprise it was nowhere near as ghastly as I had anticipated with no meat or fish just veg.  Anyway it got devoured which was also a surprise.

Today I have some fish on the menu; just some simple bassa fillets with a mixed salad for lunch and then maybe something more substantial for supper. Though as yet I have no idea what until I have a trawl through the freezer!!!

Well that about it for this morning time for more coffee and then get on with the to do list which seems to just grow and never diminish but hey ho I guess thats just life.

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