Tuesday Morning

Good morning all yesterday was purgatory for me not only was I nauseated but it was so hot as well which didn't help.  I dragged myself round Aldi and grabbed stuff with little thought except to get out and go home. It was bedlam and I had to drive twice round the carpark before I finally found a space as far from the door as possible. Normally that wouldn't bother me but in the blazing sun I was none to happy to be trundling trollies to and fro. Anyway once home the boys unloaded the car and put everything away while a sat in a heap and drank water.  James made a spaghetti carbonara and I felt marginally better for some food in my stomach but then it was time to move furniture which we stuck on the patio which was one blessing I don't know how we would have managed if it had been raining.

Anyway long story short we now have a clean hall and dining room carpet which was dry in moments and we could replace the furniture.  It was late evening before I felt even marginally human. Today I am going to eat breakfast and hope that even though it is due to be really hot I feel a bit better.  I am putting this down to the increased dose but of course it could be a bug who knows.  

Chrissie you commented on Dan's eyes they are completely irresistible and the Italians say that if you look at a dog and a human looks back at you then it is a Spinone.  Interestingly he scored very high on the empathy scale when I did the dog cognition tests.  I often turn round and he is just sitting and watching me, probably in the hope that I will drop a large lump of steak on the floor for him!!!! It seem almost impossible not to anthropomorphise with dogs but I draw the line at dressing them up like children.  This hot weather doesn't really suit him and he has taken to sleeping on the tiled bathroom floor which is probably the coolest place in the house.

Today is going to be a quiet day as it is going to be very hot so I think it will be a cold meats and salad day.  The last thing I want is to slave over a hot stove or a hot iron so that too can wait.

Well if I am to get anything done I had better get on before the heat builds to killing levels.  Have a good day all............
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