Tuesday morning

Good morning all well it may be Tuesday to you but for us it is Sunday lunch day as Denzil is off duty but poor James has been up all night unable to sleep and has finally dosed off at 6am so I don't think he is going to be up for lunch.  This puts me in a bit of a quandary I guess I will cook for four and leave James's on a plate to warm up when he wakes.  Tubby is on house rest as he has hurt his shoulder and is lame.  He is such a maniac that if we take him for a walk he will just go mad and run like crazy which is no good if you have an injury so he is confined to barracks for the time being. Dan seems to know things are not right and he has not attempted to rough house him and is just leaving him alone.

I don't want to anger the gods but I think my dirty quilt might actually have dried over night so I will be able to take the wretched thing to a launderette and get it washed.  Many years ago I had an american style huge top loader which was a dream it would take anything and do huge loads and that wretched sock you had dropped could be added at any time.  It is a shame we are stuck with front loaders as our kitchens are so small.  Sadly it eventually died but the motor when to a good home my Dad adapted it to open and close his heavy metal roller door on his garage.  Anyway I have learned my lesson not to attempt to wash the thing myself and just go to the launderette in the first instance.

Today looks very dull and overcast we seem to have lost the summer weather and are already into autumn but who knows this is England and summer could well return.  

Yesterday I discovered that you can do more than one language on Duolingo and as I learned both French and Spanish in the past I though I would do a bit of refreshing.  It is fun and easy to use and better than playing patience.  However with all this new and exciting learning I must not let the house go to pot.  I really do need to tackle a few jobs around the house - the bathroom could use a really good clean and as always the kitchen is in a mess.  I made a really nice Spanish dish yesterday which made one chorizo sausage into a meal for four.  It was a very simple stew with lots of garlic, onions and peppers and padded out with potatoes.  The whole family enjoyed it so it is now on my keeper list.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8p5UtV4GqY  this is the link for the recipe if it appeals to you.

Anyway time is marching on and I need to get going enough scribbling and on with some work have a good day all

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