Thursday morning

Good morning all.  What a hot horrid and humid night we have just had.  I had my fan on but it just stirred the around but it was better than nothing.  This morning feels a little cooler and fresher and there is some sign of the sun penetrating the clouds.

I finally got round to cooking the veal chops and it was worth the wait I did them very simply - I dusted them with a bit of flour then fried in olive oil then added a mix of garlic rosemary and lemon zest.  Once cooked I took them out to rest and deglazed the pan with some white wine which I reduced well then the same with some chicken stock which made a lovely gravy.  I served it with chantenay carrots and some very buttery mash potatoes.  We were going to have this for lunch but it was way too hot and humid so we satisfied ourselves with a ham and cheese sandwich and had the chops for dinner when the temperature had dropped a little an we had better appetites.

Yesterday we were plagued with nuisance calls from some american company wanting us to invest with them.  The person who rang insisted on calling me sweetie and after several attempts to get rid of him I blew up and told him I was not his sweetie and I found the term insulting accused him of crashing the entire world economy and put the phone down on him.  I am not usually aggressive on the phone but he really got up my nose.

I have completed my dog cognition course in two weeks instead of two months and have started another course looking and psychological first aid.  It is designed for people who may find themselves with a major natural disaster but disasters befall us all from time to time so I hope it may come in handy if something dreadful happens to any of my friends.  So far it seems to me that what they are going to teach is the difference between empathy and sympathy and how to approach someone empathetically.  Anyway plenty more stuff to learn and I am eager to get on with it.  

Denzil is back with the dogs from their walk and I need to get going and do some work and sadly I think I am going to have to hit the shops.  Have a good day all and lets hope the weather is a bit kinder today.

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