Thursday morning

Good morning all, I don't know what I have done but my back is really giving me some gip. I just couldn't find a comfortable spot in the bed and spent the night rolling around. We have had some blustery rain overnight which has toppled over a couple of plants in pots.  I bit the bullet yesterday and purchased a hedge trimmer as I really need to cut back some of the shrubs which are threatening to block our path up the garden.  I have gone for a cordless lightweight job so I hope it is going to be easy to use.  It is not so much the cutting as the clearing up afterwards.  Anyway, it shows willing!!!

I was well impressed with the picci I made yesterday.  The dough is just flour and spinach blended together.  They took just 10 minutes to boil before being added to the tomato and courgette sauce. Hand rolling is a bit of a pain but quite fun at the same time. You end up with the kitchen surfaces cover in green worms.  Obviously, you can make them with just flour and water but the spinach is fun.  Highly recommended for small children on rainy afternoons.

Today I have some of the bolognese sauce out of the freezer as well as a pork loin.  I fancied poaching the loin and then serving with tuna sauce a green salad and some crusty bread.  

Fairly short and sweet time to get going rather than frittering my time away.

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