Thursday morning

Good morning all, you will be pleased to hear I have booked myself a flight to Bordeaux on the 10th of October and I will be staying with good friends for four days. It will be a lovely break and change of scene.
Saw the Doc at 8am and have been given an inhaler and emergency antibiotics in case I get a chest infection.  However having had a completely sleepless night I feel like a dish cloth.  I am going to put myself back to bed and hope for a couple of hours kip.  I have got food out of the freezer so the men can do their own thing.

I had a complete melt down yesterday as I couldn't find my passport Denny and I searched diligently and finally found it.  I needed to check if it was still in date before I booked.  Anyway all done now so I have something to look forward to.  Next I need a hair appointment as I am at the shaggy dog stage yet again. 

Well I am feeling really dopey so I will bid you farewell.  Have good day all.
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