Thursday morning

Good morning all after much messing around I have managed to get the photos of the dog swimming oh how I envy them on these hot days. You can see there wasn't a breath of breeze as the only ripples are those made by the dogs.

I had a fabulous day yesterday I drove to Tenterden using the sat nav which took me on a guided tour of Kent but I was quite happy sitting in the air conditioning.  Montalbano's is certainly an experience true Italian cuisine with all the pasta made on the premises.  We sat outside under a huge red umbrella which allowed for plenty of people watching.  Shiona an I made utter pigs of ourselves we had an antipasto which we shared I had the octopus and she had the vitello tonnato   Then we shared a pasta and prawn dish and finally she had the calves liver and I had a fritto misto of sea food, after which we were stuffed to immobility. One short sharp espresso and it was back home.  It is an hours run across country though it is not very far it is all twisty windy roads through multiple villages.  I finally arrived home at about 4pm.  Needless to say I didn't participate in the supper I just collapsed in a heap.  I slept like a log last night it is a long time since I have stuffed myself to bursting point but the menu was so good we wanted every thing on it so we will just have to go back again some time. Interestingly the place was packed which just goes to show if you serve decent food you will get customers.  The menu is not huge and if you fancy a look at it here is the address

Well I hope that has brought you up to date having had a day off yesterday I have plenty of laundry waiting to be done and as we are forecast rain tomorrow I had better get it done today.  Have a good one.....
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