Thursday morning

Good morning all looks like we are in for another nice day all sun and no heat, just up my street. I have been cracking on with my dog course and one of the interesting things it the blog which is set up for students and so far I have only found one other person from the UK the rest are mostly from the USA or scattered far and wide across the world. James helped me to do one of the test games with Dan yesterday which was really weird as I had to say the word Yellow every 5 second and see if he yawned. Not only did he yawn but he threw himself at me and licked my face.  The second half required me to yawn loudly which sent him into a tail spin he was all over me.  I have be told that dogs yawn if distressed so I guess he thought I was in need of his support.  Anyway the data has been fed in and I will be fascinated to see what the results are once analysed.  This was a test of empathy and from his reactions I think he is very empathetic.  We started the test when he was snoozing and it certainly woke him up.  

Denzil had brought home some turkey breast chunks so I threaded them onto skewers divided by slices of chorizo and red pepper.  Very simple and very tasty as the chorizo stopped the turkey breast from drying out.  I served it with some quinoa which had been languishing in the cupboard.  I'm sure it is nutritious but it is very boring with little to no flavour.

Today I have Shiona coming over so I have syphoned off a portion of the bolognese which will do for lunch with some pasta and a salad.  Shiona is always game for a trip to Aldi as she doesn't have one anywhere near her so we can do a bit of shopping.  Though I expect we will be drinking more coffee than is good for us!!!

I had a walk around the garden yesterday and that just made me depressed the weeds are growing faster than I can keep up with them and I feel as if I am chasing my tail.  There is enough to keep me occupied in the house.  Mike takes up quite a bit of my time and we are still battling to get him to try and help himself.  However he is not playing the game and is making himself more of a burden than is necessary which is very frustrating.

I have a load of washing ready for the line so time to get it out and the next load in but first another coffee!!!!!
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