Good morning all.  It is still pretty dark outside but I can just see a complete covering of cloud.  We have ben threatened with rain this morning but as yet it is still dry.  Winter is definitely on the way and the days are getting shorter.

Yesterday was quite a busy day I got a couple of loads of washing through the machine and onto the line.  The bolognese sauce is now cold and can be packed up ready for the freezer.  I flew round Aldi and replenished the fruit bowl and got a few other bits and pieces. When Denzil came home he too had bought fruit so we now have a fruit bowl that Fortnum's would be proud of.  Never mind it will not get wasted as once it starts to soften it ends up in smoothies.  

Today I am off for a girly shop with Elly and also I am being treated to lunch out.  I will, however, need to leave something for the men for their lunch.  I took out some chicken yesterday so that will do fine for them as it is just an oven heating job and there is a fridge full of cold cuts.  I think I will leave one portion of the bolognese out for supper tonight that way I will have very little to do.

The sun has just broken through and I have spotted a load of washing still on the line so I had better retrieve that before it starts to rain.  It is only a batch of cleaning clothes and tea towels so nothing important if it were to get wet.

I heard yesterday that the lady with the unruly dog down in Bristol has finally decided to give the dog up.  It is all very sad but I knew instantly he was the wrong dog for her she needs an older dog who is happy to be a hearth rug, not this bright lively puppy who needs a firm hand and plenty of exercise. Of course,  I was tempted but the boys soon put me straight I do hope he finds a forever home where he will get what he needs.  A ten-minute walk on a lead is not enough for such a lively young dog.  I only have to watch our two when they are let off the lead and both run like crazy to start with until they settle down for a sniffing session.

Ho dear, the sky has gone black so I had better run and get the washing in.  Have a good day all

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