Sunday morning

Good morning all, first lets give Joy the recipe for the chorizo and potato stew.  Like all stews the ingredients quantities are to your taste, the amounts given will feed 4 for a lunch or supper.

First fry a couple of onions and about 5 cloves of garlic in some olive oil only until they have softened then add the sliced chorizo and allow the oil to start running from it.  Next add a couple of sliced red peppers and two tomatoes and a large tsp of smoked paprika.  Next in goes the spuds peeled and cut into mouthful chunks.  Then add about a litre of water and allow it to gently simmer until the spuds have started to crumble a bit and thicken the sauce.  Serve in a bowl it is quite soupy with crusty bread +/- a green salad.  I have written this in cooks shorthand as I know Joy cooks and will understand.  

Well the temperatures have dropped like a stone and we are down from 34 to 15 degrees it is no wonder we are always talking about the weather here it is so unpredictable.  We have had no further rain but the sky look pretty black overhead and the garden would appreciate a bit more.  Today I thought I might do a large brunch as Denzil is off to work at lunch time and will not be back until late but I will see what he says.  As he is working I try to give him priority on meals the rest of us have all day and night to eat.  

James is out walking the dogs, who would have thought that he would be walking considering his injuries he has made a spectacular recovery and Tubby has played no small part in that.  He is still in pain but that is to be expected considering that his bones have healed but out of alignment. I can see his limp but I think most people would not even notice it.  

Mike is not making any progress in fact I think he is going backwards but that is because he has thrown in the towel which makes life difficult but I am refusing to let it drag me down any further and have stopped taking it personally.  I am a soft touch and he knows that but the boys have encouraged me to let things go and stop worrying, what will be will be.  I am now in self preservation mode.

Well that is the state of play for today, I must say that I am enjoying my afternoons of learning it certainly takes your mind of the trivia of life which can only be a good thing and suddenly I am realising that I have a whole life time of knowledge and find the courses quite easy.  It is amazing what you accumulate over a life time.

Have a good day all and good luck with the stew Joy.....
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