Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was a miserable wet day but today it is wall to wall sunshine.  I feel somewhat responsible for the wet day, who went out bright and early and watered the plants and provoked the rain gods?

We ate very well as I had huge fillets of lemon sole which I breaded and we had for lunch with some broccoli.  Supper was the chorizo and potato stew with lots of hot crusty bread.  Today Denzil is working all day so we will be having a cold lunch and as yet I haven't decided what is for supper.

As it was so miserable I spent the afternoon finishing off a course on psychological first aid. It was not rocket science and coming from a nursing background much of it came naturally to me.  The main thrust was empathy not sympathy. Anyway, it was interesting and had some interesting stats about post trauma and disaster reactions. One of the most interesting things is the lack of acknowledgement of the problems suffered by first responders. A subject I know about first hand.  I am now signed up for a course on basic psychology and one on nutrition.  Most of the courses only take a couple of days to work through so I am absolutely hooked.  I suppose it is a bit like wandering around a university sitting in the back of the class of whatever lecture there is going on that appeals to you.  For me maths and business are to be avoided at all costs.

One of my other favourite sites is the TED lectures which are also very interesting and again you can pick and choose what you fancy.  Isn't that the joy of the internet all this information is freely available. No more searching for hours through the library catalogue.  

Well the sun is shining and it is time to get going for once the kitchen is not a mess and the washing up is minimal.  However I have stacks of clean laundry to sort out.  Have a good day all......
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