Sunday morning

Good morning all we were forecast a deluge last night and yes it did rain but nowhere near enough for the garden but plenty to re-soak my quilt.  Some people are just never happy with the weather I am beginning to sound like a farmer for whom the weather is alway wrong.

In my efforts to assist Shiona with learning Italian for her holiday I found a blog with lots of fish dishes and I know that she is very fond of lobster.  I know two words for lobster and my dictionary just says both are lobster.  So I contacted the girl who writes the blog to ask if there is any difference between the two words and yes there is Astice is common lobster and Aragosta is a spiny lobster. The blogger who speaks perfect english sent me the biological latin names of both so I could google them. The software Shiona is using is called duolingo and is a free app so I down loaded it and started working my way through. I have to be very careful as I am very fluent in the local dialect but though I understand proper Italian I am rubbish at writing it as my knowledge of grammar and spelling is not so good.  I would recommend this software to anyone trying a new language as it is beautifully set out so, as it introduces new words it constantly takes you back revising what you have already learned.  You are required to write what you hear in both Italian and translate to English there is even a spoken part which checks your pronunciation and all of this for nothing.  There is a large choice of languages to learn and it covers a wide variety of subject like calling a doctor or asking for directions all of which are very useful things to have at your command, and of course the most important thing of all what foods to order in a restaurant.  The classic mistake in Italian is to confuse the word for fish with the word for peaches which makes for great hilarity when some one orders a kilo of fish in a greengrocers.

I must say I am enjoying using my mind a little as it has been lying idle for years while I have been functioning on autopilot.  I had difficulty getting off to sleep last night as I was translating my thoughts and my little internal person was speaking to me in Italian.  I used to dream in Italian during the hot weather of summer but that has now passed as it is many years since I have needed to use my language skills.

And on that happy note I will go and tackle the quilt which is lying in heap on the floor.  I will have to try and get it dry today and hope the rain doesn't soak it again.

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