Saturday morning

Good morning dear friends.  I am a happy bunny this morning we had no thunder and lightening which is sad because a love a good storm but we did have a day of slow steady rain which was much needed and as I didn't have to go out I could just sit and enjoy the cool air.  You could almost see the plants revive their drooping leaves in gratitude.  This morning the sky's are leaden and it looks as though we may yet have more rain but I am not complaining.  

I managed to get one meal ahead and todays lunch is all prepared and just needs to simmer for a while as the potatoes are a bit crisp still.  Yes, it is the inevitable chorizo and potato stew which is my current favourite dish. So easy to make and so tasty.  I ventured outside to pick some bay leaves for the dish and then thought that my neighbours might like some too so I took round a couple of bunches to various of our neighbours.  It seems so silly for people to be buying bay leaves when I have 4 bay trees and could supply the entire road.  They dry really well though I never bother as I just have to step outside and pick fresh.  

After lunch yesterday I took myself off to study and once I had done my allotted Italian I moved on to positive psychology which is very enlightening and interesting.  That done I then watched 4 episodes of Victoria which is a really very well done costume drama.  It is an ITV Sunday night program so I am now up to date and ready for the next 4 episodes. 

Shiona is off to Sicily next week for her holiday so I hope she feels comfortable using some of her Italian.  At least she will be able to work her way round a menu with ease.  She is such a positive person that I am sure she will have a good time even if it is a bit hot for her.  

I have a few odd errands to run this morning so just as well lunch is done.  Have a good day all 

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