Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterdays plans got somewhat delayed as it started to rain in the morning so I contented myself with doing some cooking and have made a potato and chorizo stew probably for tonight. It goes really well with some salad and crusty bread and is really easy to make.  I have also got some little new potatoes which are destined for a potato salad.  The fish monger rang me to ask if I would like some big lemon soles so they are in the fridge and I think I might cut them into goujons then egg and breadcrumb them for lunch.

Dan had his trip to the hairdressers and he now looks gorgeous and smells like a baby as they have used something that smells like Johnson's baby powder.  Tubby obviously thought he stank and tried to give him a wash, interestingly fox poo is not a problem.  Their is no accounting for taste!!! I will try to get a photo of him but he is still fast asleep it is quite an ordeal for him and he is always very tired when he comes home.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon progressing with my studies I must say it makes a pleasant change from the boring rubbish on the TV.  In some respects it is rather nice as I suddenly realised just how much knowledge I already have and much of it is revision with the odd nugget of novel information.  I suppose I should try a course that is completely out of my comfort zone like maths but I have no real interest so I think I would just shut down.

Currently I am doing two courses one on psychological first aid and one on the new nordic diet both are subjects I have a smattering of knowledge about so it is not completely new.  I was amused by one of the items about getting children to eat new foods and that is called the "ketchup effect", I suddenly got a picture in my mind of a pile of Brussel sprouts covered in tomato ketchup.  The idea is to add something the kids do like to the new food and then gradually withdraw it once they are used to the new flavour.

Well times up and I must get on have a good day all.
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