Good morning all.  I had a nice girly morning trawling around the shops and managed to buy a few bits and pieces  If there is one thing I hate it is trying stuff on in poky changing rooms.  Anyway once the shopping was finished it was out to lunch at a barn conversion out in the sticks.  Anyway, the food was very nice and we had a lovely leisurely meal and chat.   I had left food for the men so they were catered for.   

My back had been quiet for some time but all of a sudden it is beginning to play up for no apparent reason.  I have done nothing that I can think of that has aggravated it, but then again a sneeze can be enough to set it off.  

Today the weather looks very dull with heavy cloud but as yet no rain.  I got most of the washing done over the weekend but you never actually finish do you, the washing basket just fills up again. The food situation is unclear today I am not sure what I am going to do my mind is blank I think it will have to be the fallback position of pasta of some kind with some sauce made by emptying the fridge.

Well everyone is up so time to get going and head for the coffee machine for my second cup.  Have a good day all......
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