Monday morning

Good morning all, I had a bit of a crazy night I kept waking up every couple of hours but fortunately I managed to get back off to sleep however it has left me feeling a bit tired this morning and with a thick head.  I'm sure you have all experienced this it happens from time to time.  I had a quiet day yesterday and just fiddled in the kitchen and got on with my studies the positive psychology has really grabbed my interest and I think now that I have got to the meditation stage I feel it may be positively beneficial.  However I think this is something that needs lots of practice.  

This morning the sun is shining after a couple of really dark days there is still lots of cloud but at least there are breaks in it.  Seeing the sun certainly makes you feel better.  I some times wonder how the people who live in the very far north with months of darkness manage to survive.  I don't think the cold would worry me but the darkness would. However I suppose that they are compensated with the endless summer days.  I have been watching some of the programs about Alaska and those who have chosen that kind of life.  I understand the pull of complete freedom but the price they pay is huge. The one thing that comes out time and again is an attitude of always helping out anyone who is having trouble which is a nice way to be.  We seem to have lost that feeling of community in our vast sprawling towns and cities.  

I have a fridge full of stuff and nonsense which will have to do for lunch and then a nice stir fry to clear up excess vegetables for supper.  Fortunately the boys are not finicky eaters and will eat whatever I put in front of them.  They are used to going along with my crazy ideas and experiments in the catering department.  

Well that is the plan for the day the dogs have been walked and had their breakfast now it is my turn.  Time for a second cup of coffee and get myself organised.  Have a good day whatever you have planned......

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