Monday morning

Good morning all.  Looks like another sunny day which is good news as today I am having the carpets cleaned and it means I can move some of the furniture to the patio while it is being done.  The guy is not coming until later this afternoon so we can at least have lunch at the table before moving everything.

I will need to do a bit of shopping first as my supplies are low and lunch will have to be a spaghetti carbonara as I do have the ingredients for that.  I have the bits and pieces to make a potato salad so perhaps some cold meats will go nicely with that.  We don't need to set a place for Dan he is just the right hight to sit with his chin on the table. Those pleading eyes are hard to resist.  Tubby makes his presents known by giving you leg just the tiniest nudge in case there is some food you need to dispose of.

At the moment the tide is up and Denzil has taken them swimming so they will be wet and tired when they return and can dry off in the garden in the sunshine.

I woke early this morning but managed to get back to sleep and have woken without a headache so that is a good thing.  Since the doctor increased the dose of the SSRI's I find I am sleeping better but am very nauseated in the mornings which makes cooking lunch no pleasure.  Shopping is also difficult as nothing appeals to me.  You know what it is like if you shop when you are hungry you find everything appealing but if you are nauseated nothing seem to be good.  However if I eat something the nausea seems to disappear so I will make myself a couple of slices of toast before I go shopping which should solve the problem.

With this late start I really need to get going so I will keep this short and get going with the jobs that need to be done.  Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.....

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