Monday morning

Good morning all, well the quilt is still hanging in the rain I was hoping to get it dry yesterday but no such luck.  Fortunately it doesn't matter how long it takes to dry it is just a nuisance.  I will get there in the end even if it takes weeks.  We are very autumnal and it is quite chilly down to 15 degrees this morning but at last the garden is getting what it needs so I for one am not complaining.

Anne, thanks for the information Shiona is going to Sicily at the end of the month so she is just trying to get enough Italian to get by.  Which I think is admirable most wouldn't bother hence my eagerness to be of some assistance.  I have been motoring through the software as fast as it will let me and at the same time I am ploughing on with my dog cognition course and have completed the first month in a week.  There seems to be nothing to stop me completing the course in as fast a time as I can manage. What is interesting is that there are people taking the course form all the corners of the world, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Poland to name but a few all of whom are interested in dogs and some are professionals there are two vets who feel that this is an area which their education missed out on. So there are some lively conversations going on.  Today I am hoping to put Dan to the test but I need a willing partner as it takes two people but I will be fascinated to see the results.  I have always thought that my dogs understood me but put it down to anthropomorphism now I know it is not me and the dogs really do understand certain things.  The big debate is how did they get that way when neither wolves their closest relatives nor chimps or bonobo's our closest relatives have this ability. Much scratching of the head!!!!  I sure hope I find out by the end of the course.

Well rain or no rain it is time to get going I have a pot full of chicken carcass all boiled down and ready to strain off.  I thought I would do a simple lunch of pasta and pesto with a salad then I have some nice little lamb cutlets which will make a good supper so that is the menu sorted for the day or perhaps a nice chorizo and potato stew with lots of peppers and some crusty bread oh, decisions decisions.  I do know that I am lucky to have a choice there are plenty who don't have this luxury.

Anyway thats it for this morning I have plenty to do to keep me occupied so I am off to make a start.

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