Good morning all.  Here we are at the end of September and let's hope we have some lovely autumn days before we hit the winter. I don't know what is going on with my back it comes and goes for no apparent reason.  Anyway, I am aware it is not quite right so I am steering clear of lifting paving slabs or doing anything silly as I really don't want it playing up at the moment.

I got stuck into making Vitello tonnato without the veal. I used a pork fillet which I poached in some stock and then allowed it to cool in the liquid before slicing and placing on a bed of lettuce then the crowning glory the sauce.  I made it using an Italian recipe and was surprised to find no mayo just hard boiled eggs.  I used the thermomix as I would need a very good blasting if it is to emerge silky smooth.  So in the end, it was one small tin of tuna, three anchovies, three hard boiled eggs a handful of capers and a ladleful of the poaching liquid. The poaching liquid is what gives it the right consistency and you can run it down as much as you want.  The sauce is so nice you will need some nice bread to mop it up.  

The sun is shining and the sky is blue so hopefully, we are in for a nice day.  My hedge trimmer is due to be delivered today but I don't know if it will need to be charged for hours before it can be used sometimes things come with the batteries ready charged.  I just hope it is light and easy to handle.  

Anyway, first things first I am going to get a load of the endless washing on and then try to decide what to have to eat today.  I have some lamb cutlets in the freezer so they may have to do with an assortment of vegetables.  

Have a great day all ..........

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