Friday morning

Well here we are at the end of yet another week.  Fortunately the weather is much better now that the horrid humidity has cleared and the temperatures have dropped a bit.  The new coffee machine had reached its cleaning time so I had the pleasure of running it through the cleaning program.  It gives you explicit instructions of what to do and it is just a case of following them to the letter.  It came with a box of toys for just this purpose so it was an easy task and now we have a month of happy coffee drinking.

Dan is due to go to have his hair cut this afternoon and Denzil has volunteered to take him. Normally they want the dogs in the morning which means fighting through the rush hour traffic so an afternoon appointment should be easier.  

I spent yesterday afternoon deeply engrossed in learning what with the languages and the new course there was plenty to keep me occupied.  Duolingo the language program reminds you to keep up the work.  I am finding the Italian relatively easy but refreshing my french and Spanish is proving more difficult.  If you don't use a language it is amazing how they just disappear.  

We had a bits and pieces lunch and James made a beautiful sea food risotto for supper so I have officially passed the risotto crown on to him.  He makes as good a risotto as I do so time to pass on the crown.  It is nice to have passed on a skill to the next generation.  I suppose it appeals to the teacher in me.

I am due to have my carpets cleaned on Monday and I have just looked around the dining room and my blood ran cold.  There is stuff everywhere and so much furniture to move it is going to be real fun.  There is nowhere to put the furniture so I am hoping it is dry day and we can put the stuff on the patio while the carpets are done.

The weather forecast is for no rain today so as I have a big pile of laundry to do that will be my major project for today.  I also need to clean out the fountain in the pond which is a job I loath doing but it is necessary and I have been putting it off for ages.  Who knows if I can work up the enthusiasm to do it today!!!!
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