Friday morning

Good morning all.  So far we have had a splash of rain but nothing to write home about however it has damped down the temperature to a very comfortable 18 degrees. It was cooler last night so sleeping was easier.  I think my increased dose has kicked in as I am feeling much brighter in myself and the nausea has faded which now I come to think of it is exactly what happened when I first started taking them.  We were all feeling lazy yesterday so lunch was just some Thai fish cakes from Aldi which we all love and some baked beans.  No work involved there and supper was equally easy I had to do a run to Tesco so I bought some very basic pizza's and lots of good things to put on top Like plenty of mozzarella and lots of salami so they were very tasty despite the stale bread taste of the bases.  Again no work involved.  The work was doing loads and loads of laundry I don't know where it all comes from either we are very dirty people or very clean I can't work out which. Laundry seems never ending no sooner than one lot is done than the pile has reestablished itself and is sitting there waiting for you.  I suppose with four adults in the house it is to be expected and fortunately both boys are very competent with the laundry so they help me a lot.  We decided to get it all done yesterday while we still had the good weather you can imagine the pile from two kingsize beds and two single beds never mind all the clothes, towels and kitchen clothes.  

Today for lunch it is my intention to make a big salad with pears blue cheese and walnuts which we will have with crusty bread - so that is just an assembly job.  For supper I have some chicken things that Denzil has brought home form the cheap shop, and I am going to make a chorizo and potato stew ready for tomorrows lunch.  It is nice to try and get a bit ahead of things rather than constantly chasing my tail.  

On the course front I have finished one on nutrition which taught me nothing I didn't know already but I am now doing one on positive psychology which is much more enlightening.  Being a class A pessimist it has opened my eyes to paying a bit more attention to the good moments though they are fleeting in comparison to the bad for which we have a bias.  This makes sense in terms of evolution but is no longer really helpful.  Anyway I think there is some good stuff to come so I am excited to get on with the course.  I reserve my studies for the period after lunch when of late it has been too hot to do anything else.  

Well onward and upward I have mountains of clean laundry to sort out and filter to its various locations and of course there is a bit of ironing to do but I am trying to keep that to a minimum.  I am only ironing things which really need to be ironed the rest can stay as it is.  

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