Friday morning

Good morning all, I had a lovely day with Shiona we went for a nice walk just as the tide came in so we didn't go far as all of the dogs were in the water.  I have some floating dummies but I am a rubbish thrower.  Anyway they all had a blast and we drove home with that lovely smell of wet dog pervading the vehicle.  We dumped the four dogs off at home and proceeded to Aldi where I bought a lovely bed cover for Denzil's bed and Shiona replaced three door mats then it was home for a pasta fest.  Shiona is learning Italian in anticipation of a holiday to Sicily so we shopped in Italian just to make sure she knew what all the fruit and vegetables were called.   We then ran through the meats you know pork beef lamb chicken and also various fishes.  She is doing very well and will easily make herself understood and I know that they will be so chuffed that she has taken the time and made the effort to learn some of their language.  Many is the time I have struggled in Italian with unfamiliar things only to be replied to in perfect english with a big beaming grin.

Yesterday was Dans second birthday and as a treat he got to go swimming twice and oh boy does he love the water.  On the walk there are a couple of ponds which have notices to say not to let dogs swim in the lake but sadly the dogs can't read and water is for swimming in and it is the devils own job to try keeping them out of the water.  They really don't understand why some areas are ok for swimming and others are not, come to that neither do I.  Anyway he is now officially an adult not that you would notice he is still a complete buffoon in the house and gets away with murder.  He has a wonderful whipped puppy look which melts your heart no matter what he has now done.  Fortunately he is not destructive just extremely playful.  I am hopeful that the course will help me better understand what he is trying to tell me though some times it is obvious if you are eating a biscuit he will look at you then the biscuit then back at you it couldn't be clearer that he wants some of the biscuit and when it doesn't work he just looks at you pityingly because you are so stupid.  It is so difficult not to anthropomorphise.

Today the weather looks as if it is going to be cloudy but not too hot so ideal for me I thought I would make a tuna and potato salad for lunch and we still have some wonderful cheese left from my trip to macnades.  Denzil is a day off so we will be four for all meals.  Have a good day all......

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