Wednesday morning

Good morning all yesterday I had a lovely breakfast with Sandie but the only trouble is that it is such a huge meal that I didn't want anything else for the rest of the day.  Actually I was feeling particularly nauseated which I think might be the extra dose kicking in.  I went to bed after lunch which I did for the men it was such an effort I had to take some black watch scotch eggs out of a bag and add some tomatoes.  My head was thumping so I took a couple of aspirins and put myself down for a nap.  I slept like the dead until 6pm when I was brought a cup of tea.  Of course sleeping that long in the afternoon meant I was up and dancing until the wee small hours and finally passed out again at 4am so I have slept in this morning.  Anyway the good news is I feel much better this morning and I sincerely hope it continues that way.  The sun is shining and it is a lovely 20 degrees just perfect. 

While I was shopping I bought some really lovely veal chops which cost a bomb but they will make a really lovely Sunday lunch for the whole family. I was fascinated watching the butchers as the wielded their cleavers, how they manage to hit the same spot time after time baffles me.  When ever I have tried to use a cleaver I get as many cuts as strokes never the same place twice.  Anyway the dogs got a nice big bag of bones they had one each yesterday and have another one for today.  It keeps them out of mischief for hours and is a very easy way to entertain them.

I have continued with some of the course work, I say work but it is actually entertainment.  They have devised a really clever way to mark assessed work they get other students to mark the work and you get to mark their work.  What a cunning way to get out of marking!!!!  Anyway I am still enjoying the content and have managed to pass the initial quiz questions which are multiple guess sorry choice questions.

Today I am going to make some sense of the kitchen which is as usual looking like Hiroshima after the bomb.  The fridge is a complete tip and really needs turning out and cleaning.  Shiona is coming tomorrow so I think a pasta bolognese lunch with salad will be on the menu.  Nice and easy and not time consuming.  As for lunch today who knows I am sure I will find something that fits the bill.  

Ok time to get underway I have and experiment to do with the dog but I need someone to help me so James has volunteered.  Then I will make a start on the kitchen I have come to the conclusion that it really needs a complete rethink and some logic brought to bear on which cupboards hold what.  I am not a tidy freak but I do like a bit of order so I can find things when I want them.  When other well meaning people put things away I then have to search the entire kitchen looking for what I want.  A bit of time and motion study would not go amiss.

Anyway have a nice day and enjoy the lovely weather. 
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