Wednesday morning

Good morning all well I over slept this morning I am sure curtesy of the increased dose but I am not complaining sleep is good. However Denny is hear and motoring through the cleaning so I should get my act together.  James had a good day yesterday though we did nothing special, however I did accompany him on the dog walk not that I managed the whole walk as I am so unfit. I only managed about a quarter before I had to make my way back to the car.  What a turn round I used to take James on his crutches for a walk an he could only manage about a quarter.  Now he does the whole walk with ease.  It just goes to show if you don't use it you loose it.  So walking is the order of the day for me but the best part is that the dogs are always willing to come with you and keep you company so I don't need a walking buddy.  I find it really boring just walking with no purpose its OK if I am going to the shop for something but just plain walking is dull.

Yesterday the recite for the coffee machine arrived but still no news as to when it is due so I am going to phone them and give them a poke.  The mats for the landrover are also due to arrive today so at least that will be one thing accomplished.  

We have a cloudy day but is is already 23 degrees so we are in for another hot one.  I believe we are in for 30+ which I hate.  I am Ok to about 25 but after that I melt and just want to sit in front of the fan.  I slept with it blowing on me all night so I was quite comfortable.

Anyway short one today as I am so far behind schedule have a good one and if you are a heat lover is it should suite you today. 

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